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Holy Cross Lutheran looking for choir members


September 13, 2010

Sopranos! Altos! Tenors! Basses! Holy Cross Lutheran Church Choir is looking for new members. If you sing or have sung in a High School or college choir, don’t let your talent be wasted—join the choir.

Why do people sing in church choirs? Earl Davis says it this way:

“I enjoy singing in the choir because it is a fun group to be a part of.

The people are talented, intelligent, and they want to praise God through the use of his gift of song.

On a personal level, there are times when I don’t feel as if I am singing to the congregation but that God is singing through me to them. I am just the conduit.

It is an awesome humbling experience. Especially when I see the response of the people to our music.”

Debbie Fly loves to sing God’s praise and finds it personally uplifting and moving.

Cheryl Boyer has many reasons why she enjoys singing in the church choir.

She says, “I enjoy the practices, which are filled with laughter and little jokes. I enjoy the music that we sing-—some of the songs I have a hard time singing because they make me want to cry—in a good way. But mostly I enjoy feeling like the music that we sing brings the message of God’s love in another way besides the sermon or the other parts of the liturgy. Not that I have anything against the sermons....”

Even the pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church is in the choir and has this to say, “The choir gives me the opportunity to sing—which is rare these days. And, the fellowship is always great fun!”

What benefit is there to the congregation to have choral music in the worship service? Here’s how Muriel Barbery describes a choral experience in The Elegance of the Hedgehog:

“’s too beautiful, and everyone singing together, this marvelous sharing. I’m no longer myself, I belong, and I always wonder at such moments why this cannot be the rule of everyday life, instead of being an exceptional moment, during a choir.”

Okay, maybe the Holy Cross Choir isn’t quite that good yet, but with your help, we could be.

This is the time of year when choirs everywhere are looking for members: school choirs, church choirs, community choirs, children’s choirs. If you are a singer, find your nearest choir and join. You can be part of that potential “exceptional moment.”


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