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In Battle of the Bulge, Heavyweight Candy Company Urges "Moderation Nation"


September 16, 2010

You can have your cake - or chocolate - and keep fit, too. Taking a page from the alcohol industry, one of world's biggest candy makers is launching a new campaign called "Moderation Nation." Hershey is committing a half-million dollars to send people to certified dietitians for individualized help.

Regina Ragone, food director for Family Circle Magazine and a registered dietitian, says personalized attention is more helpful than any website when people are learning that how much and when they eat is just as important as what they eat.

"They can figure out a food plan customized to you, and will take into consideration what your real life is like."

As unlikely as it seems, a key to moderation is being sure you eat enough during the day, says Ragone.

"One of the reasons that people get into trouble is they tend to starve themselves. They may go through the whole day without eating, and then come home at dinner and once they start eating, they can't stop because they're so hungry."

Ragone says it's also important to have foods that you like, and to plan for treats.

"You know, for example, I love to have some chocolate in the afternoon. That gives me a little bit of the energy that I need and it's very satisfying. So I plan on four Hershey's kisses; it's a hundred calories, a real easy way to get that little snack in."

Moderation Nation is a first-come, first-served promotion. Connect with a registered dietitian and download a certificate for a free first visit on The site also contains tips for how to shop and plan meals that encourage moderation and healthy eating.


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