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Guys' Dating Advice - It's the Smell, Stupid


September 24, 2010

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The way to a woman's through her nose, according to a recent survey of women across the country. Reportedly, the way a man smells is the number one factor behind how attractive he is to the ladies - and women in different parts of the country prefer different aromas.

The scent of coffee is number one in the Northeast; on the West Coast it's baked goods. And sex and relationship expert Ian Kerner says if you've got a date in the Midwest, forget the expensive cologne and grab a lawnmower instead.

"In the Midwest, fresh-cut grass came up a lot, so you know, that lends itself to the idea of 'Hey, how about a picnic on some fresh-cut grass?'"

Kerner says the nose 'knows', and there's one smell in particular that single guys should avoid...

"Women do not like men who smell like their dads. Avoid any fragrance you would associate with an older generation of guy."

Kerner says some other scents that make the top five nationwide include vanilla, in Chicago; lavender in Los Angeles; Barbeque in Houston; Cherry in Atlanta; Eucalyptus in Phoenix; clean laundry in Philadelphia; smoke/fireplace in Dallas and suntan lotion or ocean in San Diego.

Kerner's research suggests that scents women like are often linked to fond memories.

"You grow up surrounded by various scents and smells, and they make you feel comfortable or they bring up positive associations."

The research comes from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, which was commissioned by European men's grooming company AXE.


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