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Lights and Sirens


November 8, 2010

The police department responded to 616 incidents in the week of October 24, 2010 through October 30, 2010. The following is a brief summary of some of the more notable contacts:

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, 10/24/10, 2500 block 103rd Avenue SE

A 29-year-old male was arrested for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Officers observed a vehicle parked in a driveway with an attached license plate that indicated the vehicle had been reported as stolen.

As a male exited the residence, officers contacted him about the residence and the vehicle. The male’s story continued to change as he was questioned, and officers observed his mail within plain view inside the stolen car. A female witness reported that the male suspect picked her up in the vehicle and transported her to the residence in Lake Stevens, and she stated that he told her he got the vehicle from his apartment complex.

Officers learned the vehicle was stolen from an apartment complex parking lot. The male was advised he was under arrest for possession of a stolen car and transported to jail without further incident.

Domestic Violence (DV) Assault 2, 10/26/2010, 2300 block Callow Road

A 27-year-old female had DV Assault 2 charges forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. Officers were dispatched to a physical domestic call. Upon arrival, officers contacted the victim who stated that she was arguing with her daughter, and as her daughter attempted to grab her son, the victim attempted to intervene.

A struggle ensued; the suspect pushed the victim and repeatedly punched her in the face. The suspect then attempted to strangle the victim several times, but the victim managed to grab the phone and call 911. The suspect then fled the house on foot and a search was done in an attempt to locate the suspect. Officers were unable to locate the female; the report was forwarded to the court for criminal charges.

Disturbance, 10/25/10, 8500 block

16th Street NE

An informational report was filed after officers responded to a verbal disturbance between a husband and wife. Officers were dispatched to the complaint and upon arrival contacted both the male and female. The issue was resolved and officers left the scene.

A short time later they received another 911 call from the same house. Upon arrival, they contacted both subjects again. The female agreed to leave for the night, and a handgun was taken for safekeeping. A report was filed for informational purposes.

Obstructing, 10/28/10, 200 block

North Davies Road

A 22-year-old male was issued a criminal citation for obstructing and released. Officers were dispatched to a substance complaint in which a witness reported seeing two male occupants of a vehicle doing drugs. Officers located the vehicle and contacted the driver who was the sole occupant.

Upon contacting the driver, officers observed a clear plastic bag containing marijuana sticking out of his pants pocket. When the male was questioned about the incident, he lied to the officers about what he had been doing. The male voluntarily consented to a search of his vehicle. A citation was issued for obstructing and the male was released.


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