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Letters to the editor Nov. 10 issue


November 8, 2010

Sewer District needs to explain costs and budgeting

Dear Editor,

I was informed by the Sewer District that by 2014, our sewer rates per month per house will be $80 a month.

I doubt many of the small businesses in Lake Stevens can afford this. It would be interesting to know what everyone at the Sewer District makes including overtime hours in total and what cost cutting measures are being taken.

The town board, mayor, and the Sewer District commissioners seem to all work very closely and receive many awards. With the awards, come the responsibility and accountability for this disaster.

We all heard about the new EPA rules, the low interest loans, but what about shipping our sewer to Everett or other ideas instead of $80 a month. The town wanted to be Mr. Big Shot, well being small is not such a bad thing after all.

The citizens were certainly not told of the risks of a $100 million sewer plant. Certainly something went wrong, like the growth did not happen like the banks, towns, and the builders needed and wanted.

I cannot imagine how the seniors will deal with the shock of such a bill each month as they are on a fixed income. The Sewer District has a lot of explaining to do in this paper, on their website, and in the mail each month.

After five years, Vernon Road still does not have its sidewalks. I guess maybe controlling the Sewer District is the only way to influence policy in Lake Stevens.

Brad Thayer

Lake Stevens

Friends, family, faith and football

Dear Editor,

We are happy to announce the Cindy Tate memorial scholarship benefit hosted by Jan and Lorrie Larsen was a great success.

We are taking this opportunity to thank everyone who attended and also those that were unable to attend for their generous donations toward the $500 annual and perpetual scholarship held in Cindy’s name awarded to a LSHS graduating student.

If you missed the chance to donate you can still do so by going on line at or stopping by any Union Bank (previously Frontier) and contribute to the Lake Stevens Education Foundation and specify for Cindy Tate.

A special thank you to all the amazing volunteers; Kelli Lynn and her crew, Joe Cronin and the students he brought from the leadership class, Lori Wood, Missy Collins, Ramon and the rest of you that helped.

A special note of gratitude to the Lake Stevens Journal for getting the word out and publishing, Haggens for the beautiful flowers, Teresa Personius (Surf Shack Espresso), Keith and Corey from Jay’s Market, Steve and Dru Miller with American Distributing and to Peter Bargreen with Crown Distributing for their donations of four Seahawk tickets in the owner’s suite which enabled us to reach the financial goal.

Thank you for the memories and support.

Friends & Family of Cindy Tate


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