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January 2011 Letters to the Editor


January 10, 2011

Nuclear power plants could be the answer to green energy

Dear Editor,

When our state legislature meets later next month an idea they should consider is petitioning for the construction of one-to-two nuclear power plants in Washington State.

The Governor and Legislature have for years preached a “greener” energy solution and nuclear is a great solution that exists today.

Currently the U.S. receives 20 percent of it’s electricity from nuclear plants while Europe has embraced the technology: Belgium gets 56 percent, Sweden 45 percent, and France 79 percent just to mention a few.

Critics mention safety, yet we already operate 124 for electricity in the U.S. and not to mention the nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines that operate with no incidents worldwide.

Current ideas mention wind and solar, but they are not cost effective with coal costing $0.04 per kilowatt/hr and wind costing $0.12 per kilowatt/hr. Also where do you put these wind-farms and solar panels?

We would need a solar facility spanning 684.5 square kilometers to produce the same electricity of a three-square kilometer nuclear power plant.

The construction of nuclear plants would create jobs and also in it’s operation.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

Military tanker should be built by U.S. citizens

Dear Editor,

I am appalled that the people making the decision on where the United States Military tankers will be built, are being paid by United States Tax dollars.

For the good of the United States of America and for our United States based company Boeing, there should be no decision to make. The Tankers for our United States Military should be built on United States soil and by an American Company.

Shame on all the people that would think differently on this issue.

With all that our country is going through, the sacrifices that the American people have endured, then united we should stand.

Everyone should be writing their Congress and Senate representatives. These are people that have been elected for by us, to work for us and were in some cases re-elected into office to protect the best interest of the American people and this Great Country.

I am more than disappointed in our leaders (this includes the Military employees that are making the decisions), that this would even be a talking point. Remember that the people making these decisions are paid with taxpayer dollars, which makes them employees of the American people.

We as Americans should have a say in this and I say, Boeing is who should be building the tanker and even if it costs more money.

Remember you get what you pay for and the return will be great, it might even help to take us down below 10 percent in unemployment.

Think American, buy American, breath American and support the United States of America!

United and proud to be an American.

Natalee Thurston

Lake Stevens

Leave it to the Legislature...again

Dear Editor,

Why can’t the legislature actually review the activities of the state and begin holding state agencies accountable and reducing the enormous amounts of money “to study and manage” every minute action the state can think of to employ yet another FTE (full time equivalent)? Why does the legislature continue to prop up a foolish government at the expense of its current and future citizen tax payers ?

For example, once again the children in state custody and foster care are being punished for the state’s continuous overspending on growing bureaucratic programs. While services for children were already at a premium, now they are becoming almost nonexistent as the money in DSHS dwindles, and who has already suffered? The children! Instead of getting counseling, intensive and specific interventions to correct the damage they were born into, DSHS has cut those services while continuing to offer a drug using parent, two, three or maybe even five tries at intensive inpatient drug treatment because everyone knows, relapse is common and seldom do users make it after only one try. I believe we need to unionize the children since that is the only thing the state actually listens to.

However, that doesn’t explain the State’s follies throughout its agencies. The Office of Financial Management will spend over one million to “make preparations for implementation of the working families tax exemption.” So, we spend money to give it away! Brilliant! And, how about the four million to “enhance revenue?” Or over three million for sales tax compliance? That’s just one department, so how about over 1.5 million for freshwater aquatic weeds account, part of which is used to “manage and study” excessive saltwater algae. Wasn’t this supposed to be used only on freshwater weeds?

There are over 900 different sections in the state’s most recently passed budget bill, and yet the biggest “losers” are Education and Social Services—everything which affects people, but much less that affect government bureaucracies managing weeds, soil, air or anything else inanimate! Ask your legislator if he/she even read this bill.

“It’s important to realize that whenever you give power to politicians or bureaucrats, it will be used for what they want, not for what you want.”-- Harry Browne

Catherine Paxton

Arlington, WA

Food Bank thanks all who have helped

Dear Editor,

The Granite Falls Food Bank would like to thank the Granite Falls IGA for the generous holiday donation of flour, Corn Flakes, peanut butter, spaghetti and sauce, canned vegetables and macaroni and cheese.

This generous donation will help many needy families in the Granite Falls school district. The community as well has generously responded with donations to our food drive and also in drop off donations.

We would also like to make the community aware that we are located at 215 S. Granite Ave. (P.O. Box 1211) and have been serving Granite Falls for nearly 37 years.

Once again we would like to thank the community for their very kind and generous support through all those years, our community can be very proud of itself.

Patty Rask, Director

Granite Falls Food Bank


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