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Lake Stevens Fire partners with Fire District 17


January 17, 2011

D17 Chief Jim Haverfield, LSF Chief Dave Lingenfelter, and Public Educator Alison Caton.

The New Year brought in a new opportunity for Lake Stevens Fire. Effective January 1, 2011 Lake Stevens Fire (LSF) has signed a contract with Fire District 17 in Granite Falls in regards to Public Education.

LSF Public Educator Alison Caton will be working with Fire District 17 on a part-time basis on mutually agreed upon projects. LSF Fire Chief Dave Lingenfelter explained, “Both communities will benefit from this partnership. Lake Stevens Fire will receive compensation for services provided, and Fire District 17 will receive excellent service in the area of public education.”

Initial public education projects might include the following: press releases, education on public safety, as well as implementation of Risk Watch in the school system. LSF Public Educator Alison Caton commented, “I’m excited to be a part of this partnership. My hope is that combined District efforts will help create and maintain a dynamic public education program that is valuable to the people we serve in our communities.”

LSF Fire Chief Dave Lingenfelter commented, “If we can work together during these difficult economic times, we have a better chance of maintaining our services.”

Fire District 17 Chief Jim Haverfield explained, “Ultimately we are working towards the same goal. We want our communities to be safe and with proper education we would hope to prevent the emergency from occurring in the first place.”

Both Lake Stevens Fire and Fire District 17 look forward to building this positive partnership in public education.


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