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YOUR|LETTERS - January 19th 2011 issue


January 17, 2011

Speed limit change should be made with community input

Dear Editor,

I wrote an earlier letter regarding the lowering of the speed limit along 20th St. SE and felt I should respond to some of the points that were brought up.

It sounds like the main issue was safety along this road. I have four children of my own. First, though, I would really question that LSMS, Skyline, Hillcrest, and Glenwood have children walking to them from 20th. But how about a show of hands from those people whose children weren’t walking, but are now because of the speed change.

That does leave Cavelero.

A satellite photo shows the sidewalk ends around 88th leaving about 1,770 feet without as much protection as a sidewalk. But a look at the location of houses around the school and the chances of an eighth or ninth grader being in those homes would be pretty small.

I drive my kids to Cavelero every morning and I do see first hand kids walking the Cavelero driveway, but is usually less than half a dozen and most are actually coming down 83rd.

So am I saying that we should all be flying down our streets with reckless abandon? Absolutely not! But, we need to be aware of the potential repercussions of the decisions being made for us by the city.

To be honest, while I don’t like the actual speed change, I’m also unhappy that the change was made without input from us.

I will leave you with this thought. If 2,000 people travel a road each day and that road adds six minutes a day (three minutes each way) it will add an astounding 73,000 extra hours each year that they are on the road.

Michael Turner

Lake Stevens

Constitution should be read before swearing in

Dear Editor,

Many in Washington are worried. The idea that the Constitution is relevant to the operation of the federal government is a frightening concept to those constantly seeking to expand Leviathan.

The document creates a national government with only limited and enumerated powers.

Article 1: Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution defines the authority of the Congress and if it is not enumerated there then they may not do it.

Remember any rights not explicitly given by the Constitution to the federal government, reverts back to the state.

Americans are giving and passionate people and want to help others in need, but that is why we have private charities.

If we reverted the federal government back to what the Constitution allows, we could eliminate the national debt and more importantly have a more free society.

I agreed with the reading of the Constitution on the House floor except it should be read before swearing in the new Congress by a staff member and then the Congressmen/women should take the oath to the document they just heard.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

Thank you to the honest citizen who returned wallet

Dear Editor,

The evening of Jan. 1, I lost my billfold, much to my dismay.

We all know the hassle of canceling credit cards, replacing driver’s license, health card, etc., besides the worry of identity theft.

On Jan. 2, to my surprise, someone left my billfold underneath the mat on our doorstep. Unfortunately, we were not home at the time.

A big thank you to that person; your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Don Lundquist

Lake Stevens


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