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By Cassidy Ispen
Contributing Writer 

Why I Relay


February 7, 2011

Cassidy Ispen

Relay For Life. It is something that truly is life changing. You won’t believe it until you have lived it, but it truly is.

At first, you think ‘Oh sure! Hang out with friends all night, eat free food, do a couple car washes. Sounds fun!’ And that’s really all you feel until you get there, you watch the survivor lap, you walk the luminaria lap, and you feel the emotions hovering in the air.

I know that’s why my friends Relay. They Relay because I asked them to. Because I got a team of all my friends together so we can have fun, but raise money to battle cancer at the same time.

However, I Relay because of the people in my life that I have lost and am losing. I Relay for my uncle, Jerry Jacobs.

Close to a decade ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. When my family found out about Relay, they were all for it. The team “Jammin’ for Jerry” was created. That was the first year.

From then on, we realized that more of our family was affected by cancer.

I Relay for my mom’s cousin, Alicia Rasmussen, who was diagnosed with cancer, and the team ‘Crusin’ for Cures’ was formed for her and Jerry. We watched our two family members walk the track wearing their purple survivor shirts for years.

In June 2009, after a long battle, we lost my uncle to the disease. That’s one less person walking the track in their purple shirt with a smile on their face, which is devastating.

Our cousin Alicia still wears that purple shirt with pride, and participates in multiple Relay For Lifes every year.

Now, I Relay for my grandma, Wendy Ipsen, who lost her battle with cancer on January 11, which only drives me to work harder at raising money. To assist in any way I can to find a cure.

I commit my heart, soul, and every fiber of my being to doing everything I can for Relay. I am determined to save someone else’s uncle or grandma, even if I can’t help my own anymore.

Why do you Relay?


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