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February 7, 2011

Thanks for community support of Bikes for Tykes

Dear Editor,

The recently concluded ninth annual Bikes for Tykes program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lake Stevens was successful again, due in major part to our contributing partners in the community. More than 110 bikes were distributed in Lake Stevens and Granite Falls to families who registered through the Lake Stevens Family Center, the Lake Stevens Food Bank and the Granite Falls School District.

We want to offer a very sincere “thank you” to Barry Miller at Les Schwab, Bud Summers at ServPro, the Lake Stevens Mini Mart, Alyson Lawlor at Target, Kevin Quigley, Harv Jubie, Snohomish Roofing and Craven Insurance. Without these supporters, we could not have had a successful year. Their generosity sustains the program and gives our Club the opportunity to reach more families. After all, shouldn’t every child have a bike for Christmas?

The Lake Stevens Family Center did contribute financially as they sent a paid employee to help during the distribution of the bikes.

Thanks again to our local businesses for their support.

Dave Delorm, Preident

Lake Stevens Rotary

Dumping metal license plates differs from “green” philosophy

Dear Editor,

Recently I renewed my vehicle tabs with the option to either keep my old tag or get a new one.

To keep the old one cost me $20, the new one was supposedly free. So does the state want people to throw away old tags, made of metal, to rust in the waste dump?

In a state that is supposed to be a “Green State”, where is the green in this? Would it be more green to just renew the small tabs than to replace a metal made tag? Not to mention Environmentally sound? What were they thinking?

John Worley

Lake Stevens


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