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Lights and Sirens


March 8, 2011

VUCSA / Evidence Impound, 02/20/11, 10100 block Chapel Hill Rd.

A 20-year-old male was stopped at the 10100 block of Chapel Hill after an officer recognized him from a previous contact. The officer asked for another officer to respond as the male appeared high on something and also had been recently assaulted with a black eye. The male’s driver’s status was DWLS 2 and the officer witnessed the male throw something from the vehicle upon arrest. The item was recovered and tested positive for Methamphetamine. Officers also saw in open view, large chunks of crystal like substance under and behind the driver’s seat scattered on some blankets. The male was arrested and started to show signs of possible overdose. Aid was called to transport the male to the hospital. Officers followed aid to the hospital. Granite Falls Towing was called to impound the vehicle as evidence pending a search warrant.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery, 02/22/11, 10000 block 20th Street SE

The vehicle was occupied by a male and female. A computer check of the 25-year-old male’s identity revealed five previous convictions for stolen vehicle possession. The 33-year-old female was contacted and had an arrest warrant out of Hawaii; extradition was attempted but denied. They were both taken into custody. The male was found to be in possession of Methamphetamine. The male was booked into Snohomish County Jail and the female was released.

Warrant Service, 02/11/11, 20th Street SE/SR 9

A traffic stop was attempted because officers recognized a 17-year-old male seen in the vehicle and knew had a warrant for his arrest. When the vehicle finally stopped, the male fled from the car. After following footprints in the snow, he was located and arrested. The male was booked into Denny Youth Center.

Rendering Criminal Assistance, 02/22/11, 20th Street SE/SR 9

From the previous warrant service, an 18-year-old female was driving the car and assisted in the male fleeing from officers. She was issued a criminal citation for Rendering Criminal Assistance and released.

Order Violation, 02/25/11, 8600 block 13th Place NE

A 27-year-old female violated an order for protection by going to the protected person’s residence. The female refused to come out of the home and was discovered in a back bedroom hiding under blankets. The female was arrested and booked into Marysville Jail for violation of a no-contact court order.


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