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Sunnycrest’s Sally Dooley named Regional Classified Employee of the Year


March 14, 2011

These days Mrs. Dooley spends her time at Sunnycrest Elementary supporting fifth grade students in learning the skills to become great readers and writers.

There she works with kids on their literacy skills, reading to and with students, as well as providing mini-lessons.

“Our students are surrounded by great literacy instruction and we are able to do that with the daily direct assistance of Mrs. Dooley,” shared fifth grade teacher Mrs. Wood.

In Principal Tim Haines’ nomination for Dooley he cites her 27 year career in education assisting colleagues, teachers, parents and children and her impeccable work ethic and dedication to education.

Mr. Haines summed up his nomination with the following, “No essay or paper will ever sum up the love and devotion Mrs. Dooley has for education, learning, and children. And no one story can adequately depict Mrs. Dooley’s many professional accomplishments; however, I do know that Sunnycrest Elementary School, home of the Screamin’ Eagles, will remain forever indebted to Mrs. Dooley.”

Lao Tzu, philosopher of ancient China, once said, ‘To see things in the seed, that is genius.’ Dooley has this ability, for she sees the potential and good in every child; subsequently, she shapes these seeds with hope, compassion, and knowledge. Her commitment to every single child whom she has touched during her 27 year career will continue to have positive effects for years to come, thus allowing for many more seeds to sprout. Thank you so very much, Mrs. Dooley.”

Sunnycrest students Riley Obregon, Jocelyn Van Der Put, Bennett Evanger and Sean Barnes also contributed to the nomination packet by writing their view of how Mrs. Dooley impacts their learning at Sunnycrest.

Riley Obregon shared, “She is persistent about work, she stays strong and doesn’t give up on you, she makes sure that you understand.”

All of the students agreed that Mrs. Dooley cares about students and is patient and so nice to be with.

As winner of the Regional Classified Employee of the Year, Dooley’s nomination will go on to be considered for State recognition.


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