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Opening Day for new park, field


March 21, 2011

Baseball season is underway in Lake Stevens and a huge opening day celebration took place last Saturday,March 19 at the new Lake Stevens Community Park and Bond Field.

Just over 800 kids signed up in Lake Stevens to play baseball or softball which is about 100 kids lower than normal and has made a significant difference in the league’s budget.

The new park has hit the LSLL budget by adding $27,000 for the park and another $8,000 for maintenance, although fees have only gone up slightly.

“The fields out at the new facility are very nice and a significant upgrade for both boys baseball and girls softball. However, these fields, as nice as they are, have taken a hit on our budget especially since participation has decreased by almost 100 kids over last year,” League President Brian Wiser said. “Our expense has gone up, but the income has gone down. We have had to get very creative to make ends meet this year from a fiscal perspective. I applaud our Board who has worked hard to overcome some of these obstacles. Obviously, our goal is to maximize the experience for the kids while controlling cost.”

This year the league will be trying to make up the financial difference through fundraisers and corporate sponsors.

“Lake Stevens Little League is an important part of our community. The skills learned through athletics can be contributed to many different facets of the players life and creates a spirit of teamwork and community. It is something that the player will remember for the rest of his or her life, and the goal is to make them a positive memory,” Todd Busby, President of Process Solutions and a corporate sponsor said. “The new Lake Stevens Community Park is a beautiful facility that exemplifies our community. Corporate donations to LSLL helps to ensure these kids get to take advantage of this facility hopefully for years to come while creating lasting memories.”

Players will also be selling cookie dough and partnering with organizations such as the Everett Aquasox.

Options to donate either material to renovate existing facilities that are becoming run down or help offset the cost of LSCP can be found on their website at


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