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By Kelcey Hatch

City of Granite Falls holds second Economic Summit


March 29, 2011

Attendees at the first Granite Falls Economic Summit talk about ideas

to boost the city's economy, those ideas were formed into task forces

at the second conference held Saturday, March 19.

The City of Granite Falls held it's second Economic Summit March 19.

City officials, retail establishments, school district employees, community members, developers and industry representatives gathered to discuss the second step in developing Granite Falls'.

The group reviewed ideas and concepts that were identified in the first summit and prioritized those into seven task forces.

"The next step is to start work on the economic strategies that were identified in the first summit." Granite Falls City Planner Ray Sturtz said.

The task forces include branding which would help identify a theme for the city.

“The point of this task force is to not let others brand us (Granite Falls) and let us identify what is unique about the city,” Sturtz said.

Signage, which would work on an entry sign and message to draw in visitors.

A youth program that would create activities for the local High School and junior high students and possibly offer up employment.

A web task force which will work on cleaning up the city and Chamber's websites.

The monthly events task force is responsible for creating events that will attract people to down town Granite Falls.

There is also a task force called shop local messaging who will address the wider Granite Falls community about shopping locally.

Finally the electronic communication task force will use electronic communication and social networks to keep Granite Falls connected.

"I am just blown away by the willingness of the community to participate. We had no problem filling the slots of those task forces," Sturtz said.

If you are interested in joining a task force please contact the City of Granite Falls at 360-691-6441 or

The next economic summit is planned for Saturday, April 30 at Granite Falls High School.


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