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Risk Watch continues at local schools


March 29, 2011

Lake Stevens Fire continues Risk Watch in Lake Stevens’ elementary schools.

In February, children were visited by students from the Everett Community College (EvCC) Nursing Program and were taught how to prevent poisoning. Nursing students talked about how some foods look similar to household items that are actually poisons.

Visuals included liquid items such as blue Gatorade and Windex, Good-N-Plenty and aspirin and other comparable items that can be easily confused by kids. The lesson learned was that kids should only eat items given to them by a trusted adult, like a parent, caregiver or teacher.

In March, children learned about motor vehicle safety. Lake Stevens Police Department partnered with Lake Stevens Fire to teach this topic. The state of Washington requires that children must be in a booster seat until they are 4 feet 9 inches tall and must remain in the back seat until they are 13 years old.

Lake Stevens Fire thanks EvCC Nursing Program and Lake Stevens Police Department for continuing to be part of their Risk Watch Coalition and thanks the participating classes in the school district for welcoming this important program in their classrooms.


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