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L.S. Center transportation circulation plan


April 11, 2011

The commercial area surrounding SR 9 and SR 204 is an important business center for the community for goods and services and providing an economic base for City services. This district is referred to as the Lake Stevens Center and also known as the Frontier Village area.

In 2010, the City completed a citywide economic study with this district being one of two key focus points to identify what are the community’s needs being provided and what is missing.

This leads to the next phase to develop a subarea plan for the area. The subarea plan will develop a long range plan for how the Lake Stevens Center can develop and re-develop to better meet those community needs and vision.

An element of the subarea plan includes mobility for motorized and non-motorized circulation in the Lake Stevens Center.

If you have driven, walked or biked in the area, you know that this can be quite challenging and for those not familiar, a very confusing experience.

While the subarea plan is largely focused on a long range horizon, there is a need to make immediate changes to address transportation circulation for the current conditions in the Lake Stevens Center.

To meet this need, the City is including a short term transportation circulation plan to the subarea plan.

The short term plan will consist mostly of improvements that are low cost, such as pavement markings and directional signs.

The City is seeking public input in the development of the short and potential long term transportation circulation plan for the Lake Stevens Center and will be hosting a public open house on April 21 at the Lake Stevens Community Center, 1808 Main Street, between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The public is invited to share their ideas, offer suggestions, and to view some ideas under consideration.

It is hoped that some of the possible solutions can be considered for implementation in 2011. Information on the upcoming meeting and following information will be provided on the City’s web site at


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