May 31, 2011 |

L.S. Police honored at County ceremony

Several officers from the Lake Stevens Police Department were recognized for their work as part of the Snohomish County DUI & Target Zero Task Force.

Officer Wayne Auckerman was honored as a DUI & Target Zero Task Force Ambassador.

“Officer Wayne Aukerman has been a huge asset to the DUI & Target Zero Task Force in helping with emphasis patrols, events, and setting up for the Monroe Fair Traffic Safety Booth with many occasions having been on his own time. He has volunteered to work many Target Zero patrols and assisted with being the Point of Contact whenever needed. He had over 1600 traffic stops in 2010 and investigated over 70 traffic collisions in the city of Lake Stevens.”

Leaders in Law Enforcement - this award included:

“Lake Stevens Officer Josh Holmes led his department by removing the most impaired drivers, 28 of them, from the city streets of Lake Stevens during his night shift with regular patrol calls. He also assisted other officers on DUI stops and is currently enrolled in the Drug Recognition Expert course which will help in detective even more impaired drivers.”

Law Enforcement Explorers: - this award included:

Lake Stevens Explorer Post #87, Officer Jim Barnes, and Explorer Nakei Done.

“With limited resources and changes to our traffic safety booth at the Monroe Fair, Law Enforcement Explorer Posts came through to assist us. Each Post was asked to be in charge of the Speed Pitch and to coordinate, train, and assign Explorers for shifts at the fair. We are recognizing the Posts here today, as well as their lead Advisors, and one of their Explorers that went above and beyond with this assignment.”

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