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May 31, 2011

Is our government beyond repair?

Dear Editor,

Our government is broken almost to a point of no return. Our party system is not working properly and never will. We hire these people in Congress to do the will of the people who vote them into office. We pay them about $3,400 per week and all we hear on TV is them giving speeches that we have heard over and over and over again, but speeches get nothing done. Instead, we need action. No one has the guts to tell the truth. Now our debt is so high that the interest alone is eating us alive.

The Senate wants to cut the debt by cutting spending. The first thing they want to cut is Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, etc. Now where did our money go that we have all put in when we were working? The government took it out and what is left but IOUs that they cannot pay back to the Social Security Fund because our government is broke. You never hear about cutting out all the people hired by the government that we do not need or cutting the wages of Congress in both houses.

We are buying oil at top prices when we have all the oil we need right here in the USA. The government has tied up the land so no one can drill on it. Big oil companies are ready to finance the drilling, creating hundreds of jobs, but are not allowed to.

Now as far as the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, those people do not even want us there and the cost is staggering. Russia had sense enough to quit because they knew they could not win. Other countries around the world are rebelling because of corrupt government, so what have we got in our own government but some of the same. We do not need rich lobbyists to bribe our lawmakers to do what they want them to do.

So the story is, we need a whole new system of running this great USA of ours that we all love.

I am writing this as a United States citizen, born in the USA in 1917. I have seen our country go downhill over the years. So may God help us if it is not already too late.

Russ Page

Granite Falls

Thanks to those who helped at ‘Noodles for Noah’ fundraiser

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Mike and Grace Silva, I would like to thank everyone who turned out for the “Noodles for Noah” spaghetti dinner on Saturday, May 21.

An especially big thanks goes to Luca Nasti of Luca’s Pizzeria & Ristorante for his generosity of time, skill, and ingredients; Eric Stewart and Ebenezer Lutheran Church, for their time and space; Susan DaSilva for her skill in the kitchen and organizing the food service; and all of our volunteers who put in so much time and effort.

While we raised about $2,500, we fell short of the $7,500 the Silvas need to travel to Eastern Europe to rescue Noah from an orphanage there.

If anyone was unable to attend and wishes to donate, they can do so at

Amy Patterson

Lake Stevens

First Responders event a success because of many

Dear Editor,

Lake Stevens’ very first National Thank You Day to Honor first Responders was a success with plenty of room to grow in the coming years.

None of it could have occurred however, without some very important help. Our city is so fortunate to have such a community newspaper. With the Journal’s help, word spread and assistance appeared.

We’re also lucky to have a community-minded printer. Foster Press helped again and again to get signs and flyers out the door.

Early on, Mayor Vern Little placed himself and the city firmly behind the project. This culminated in a proclamation which he delivered at the Thank You event on May 19.

Stepping up to the plate, The Family Center’s Kathleen Friend provided invaluable help in getting the word out and cards and banners in. It was great fun posting the cards onto tri-folds which then were presented to each police, fire and rescue station.

Aquafest’s own John Personnius posted Thank You signs all over downtown and Frontier Village areas so that first responders would see the message all week long.

Police and fire even helped. When Laana Larson heard of the project, the Fire Conference Center was graciously offered for our event, and Julie Ubert created a fabulous PowerPoint display that played continuously through the evening.

Meribeth Hutchings, Windermere Real Estate, donated the decorating talents of her staff Stacy Rysemus who turned a huge empty room into a festive, warm atmosphere.

Kelli Lynn, Event Coordinator photographed everyone and made clean-up a snap aided by two officers and Wilma Daniels.

From a financial standpoint, it took some big help to pay for signs and while we still expect some donations, the following people are heartfully thanked: Dr. Gaddis, Ricardo Pruneda, Dr. Tracy DeLorm, Keith Akins (State Farm), Ace Hardware, Mike Liberato, Joyce Bell, Tom Thumb Grocery and Wells Fargo Bank.

Thank you all for helping to say “Thank You to honor Lake Stevens’ first Responders”! See you next year!

Dr. Darlene Castle

Lake Stevens


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