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June 27, 2011

Changing presidential primary election a bad idea

Dear Editor,

I voted for Sam Reed and had confidence that he would be the person most likely to provide the most protection to Washington state residents. I wish to congratulate him for completely destroying that confidence. Most importantly, he has also lost my vote.

First, a “top two” ballot system was implemented just prior to the last presidential election. Fortunately for me, the candidate of my choice was not eliminated.

I did not support this change as it only serves as a method of infringing on voter’s rights by limiting their choice and influencing the outcome of the final vote.

Second, I find that Reed, along with the governor whom I twice voted against, have teamed together with Senate Bill 2119 to “suspend” the state presidential primary for the 2012 election in order to save money that will ultimately be used to support the governor’s out of control spending habits.

The $5 billion “shortfall” being portrayed is not an actual “budget shortfall” but, in reality, a shortfall in funding to support the amount of money the current governor and her administration desire to spend or, a “spending shortfall.”

This action is nothing short of another blatant attempt to limit the options available to voters and severely influence the outcome of the voting process for election of the President of the United States.

Undoubtedly, the influence is meant to strengthen the extremely liberal King and Pierce county voters in support of re-election of Mr. Obama.

Of course, what is to stop this suspension from becoming permanent?

Third, and finally, attempting to force people to attend caucuses, those who are able anyway, further limits and infringes upon state resident’s individual right to vote not only for the candidate of their choice but, also eliminates any opportunity for state residents that have no other option because they are out of the country for whatever reason, to exercise their constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

This is of particular importance to our military personnel. This unconstitutional measure effectively eliminates their constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice.I strongly urge all state elected officials to fight to repeal this measure on the basis of its extreme unconstitutionality.

Leonard Jackson Jr.

Granite Falls

In memoriam Forget-me-nots taken

Dear Editor,

I live in a simple house with my wife and a couple of pets. We work hard on our property to make it have good curb appeal and help to keep property values in a positive way. We have spent many hours and dollars towards the landscaping of our property. We have even worked on the alleyway landscaping to make it look nice.

My best friend of 25 years helped me over a weekend to build a fence along that alleyway to help secure our property. Recently my friend died. As a memorial to this true friend we planted Forget-me-not flowers along the fence in that alleyway. They finally took hold this year and were looking beautiful!

On June 1, 2011 at 7:40 p.m. someone decided that these flowers would look better somewhere else. These men pulled the flowers out by their roots threw them in the back of their truck and took off, to who knows where.

Are these flowers to be a gift for a sweetheart? Maybe they are a present for a wife or significant other for their garden.

These stolen Forget-me-nots need to have a validation for whomever took them and the person that received them. These thieves need to understand their meaning and treat them with the respect they deserve, my best friend should not be forgotten.

My hope is that the citizens of Granite Falls will form more Neighborhood Watch programs and start taking care of each other and report anything that looks suspicious. Together we can make this community a safer and more desirable place to live.

Remember your lost friends! Respect their memories.

Paul Maikoski

Granite Falls

The Granite Falls Museum is a great place to learn

Dear Editor,

Our town museum is really interesting.

My third grade classmates and I learned a lot about out town’s history when we visited on June 16.

We learned how exciting it was if you got picked to ring the bell at school.

The volunteers were awesome. I think everyone should go to the Granite Falls Museum.

Mychael Johnson

Monte Cristo Elemtemtary School

The fire station and museum made for a great field trip

Dear Editor,

My third grade class went on a field trip to the museum and fire station.

We saw pullies and little model trains, but what I liked the most was a fire truck that two men had to pull. It was cool.

At the fire station I took a picture with one of the firefighters.

I also looked in the aid car and climbed though the fire truck.

I learned how old they are.. We also heard about fireworks safety.

The people at the museum are awesome. Our firefighters are the best.

Earl Campbell

Monte Cristo Elementary School


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