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July 18, 2011

Country is not obligated to “provide” for citizens

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to a letter titled, ‘Government should provide for the welfare of the people,’ published in the Lake Stevens Journal on July 13, 2011.

In the preamble of the Constitution of the United States the correct quote is “promote the general welfare.”

There is a distinct difference in meaning between “provide” and “promote”.

I believe that the Constitution of the United States is the people’s franchise to freedom. The instrument states exactly what is intended and doesn’t require editorial license.

Alwyn. L. Fox

Lake Stevens

Thanks to many, Yukon continues to be mobile

Dear Editor,

Yukon is a six-years-old weiner dog. He woke up March 26, 2011 paralyzed in his back legs, due to an unknown back injury. He wanted to walk so bad and he couldn’t, so my grandpa designed and built Yukon a wheelchair.

Grandpa was a log truck owner and driver for 50 years, so he wanted chrome rims and something safe for Yukon to ‘drive’. Yukon acts like he’s in doggy Heaven.

A special thank you to our veterinarian Douglas R. Yearhout and our massage therapist Beverly Morris from Lake Stevens.

Yukon has progressed some, but may never walk on his own. He will just keep on truckin’.

Samantha Wilk

Lake Stevens


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