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By William Walles
Hope Covenant Church 

We need to take the time to just stop


September 1, 2011

I had a great conversation the other day on what it means to stop, and we used the example of a Stop Sign. Actually, I should put “Stop Sign” in quotes, since most of us seem to take that particular road sign with at least a little bit of latitude.

The California Stop seems to be the norm doesn’t it? We rarely stop at stop signs. We slow down, we’re cautious, we look for others, sure. But to stop? To add the extra five seconds to our drive time by coming to a full and complete stop? Very few of us do it with great consistency (myself included).

So what does this say about us? Perhaps not much. Perhaps it’s just a bad habit that many of us find ourselves doing. Or, perhaps it says a great deal about our inability to stop in our life.

It’s like we’re sharks, always needing to move forward in order to survive. The thought of stopping and doing nothing, even for a few seconds is horrid to our world of multi-tasking addicts. We have so much to do, we have so many places to be, we can’t stop. Not at home, not on the road, not ever, it seems.

Which, the more I think about it, is really a statement about our trust in God.

To stop means that we think we can stop. That we can stop for a moment and the world will keep on spinning. To stop means that things can happen without us. Without our energy, without our presence. To stop means that we don’t have to be doing it all - all the time. To stop means God might be more in control of things than we are. And most of us don’t really believe that. Not deep down. Not in our hearts.

No, again most of us (myself still included) believe that we keep our world spinning, that we are responsible for keeping things going. We believe that if we stop, everything around us will come crashing down. God isn’t really in control. That’s just something we say, but don’t really believe.

All that just because we don’t stop at Stop signs? Yeah, I think maybe so. Please feel free to tell me if you think I’m wrong, but I would challenge you to ask the question, when was the last time you stopped? When was the last time you trusted God to be in charge, and didn’t try to do it all yourself? The answer to that may be more telling than you realize.


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