September 1, 2011 |

Dorn: Transformation of State Testing System Nearly Complete

State Superintendent says the improvement of math scores is ‘encouraging,

but we still have plenty of work to do’

OLYMPIA — Calling his transformation of the state’s testing system close to complete, State Superintendent Randy Dorn released official scores today from spring 2011 state testing, including from the first math end-of-course exams, or EOCs.

Last spring, all students in algebra 1 and geometry took state exams at the end of those specific courses in June instead of the traditional High School comprehensive math exam two months before the end of the school year.

Students passed the Year 1 exams (algebra 1/integrated 1/makeup) at a rate of 66 percent and the Year 2 exams (geometry/integrated 2) at a 74 percent clip. The EOCs assessed the state’s new High School math learning standards for the first time.

“The results from the end-of-course exams are encouraging, but we still have plenty of work to do to increase our math scores,” Dorn said. “I believe the first-time passing rates are improved from the days of the old math WASL for two primary reasons: teachers have told me our new math learning standards are clearer and students are taking the exams at the end of their respective classes.”

Math scores on the grades 3-8 Measurements of Student Progress increased in every grade, except eighth. Spring 2011 marked the second year grades 3-8 students were tested on the new math elementary and Middle School learning standards.

“We have made math a high priority in this state, so it’s gratifying to see the improvement,” Dorn said. “I give our state’s educators a lot of credit. This has been a statewide effort, from the people who wrote the new math standards to those who teach our students. We must maintain this positive momentum.”

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