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Escape plan: The key to getting out alive


September 1, 2011

The Gardner family of Lake Stevens practices their fire escape plan.

In the event of a home fire or major disaster, Lake Stevens Fire reminds you it’s important for your family to have an escape plan and to practice it on a regular basis. Having an escape plan that is known by all members of your family can be the key to getting out alive.

An escape plan consists of knowing two ways out of each room. In addition to knowing two ways out of each room, your family should have a meeting place outside your home where everyone knows where to congregate once they’ve escaped. Examples of good meeting places would include a mailbox, tree or landmark a safe distance in front of your house.

Once you’re out, stay out! When rescuers arrive at your home, they will ask members at the meeting place if anyone is missing. This will allow rescuers to determine whether or not they need to enter your home to search for a missing person.

Lake Stevens Fire Public Educator Alison Caton commented, “Developing an escape plan is a great start. It is also important to practice your escape plan regularly so that there is no question as to where everyone should meet in case of an emergency.”

Escape plan grids are available online at for families who are interested in mapping out their escape plans. Lake Stevens Fire reminds you to be proactive in your life safety efforts.


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