September 1, 2011 |

LSF takes billing to the next level

Lake Stevens Fire Billing Manager Sonya Dudder and Office Assistant Brandie Reece

awarded their National Academy of Ambulance Coding certification.

Lake Stevens Fire congratulates department members Sonya Dudder and Brandie Reece who have recently become “Certified Ambulance Coders.” Chief Dave Lingenfelter commented, “This takes our ambulance billing service to the next level. We know of only one other biller in the county who is National Academy of Ambulance Coding certified.”

This educational process emphasizes compliance, ethics, and knowledge of federal and state regulations. This is the only nationally recognized Ambulance Billing and Coding Certification process.

It enhances the department’s professional standard while experiencing fewer rejected claims and achieving a better bottom line. Revenues collected from ambulance billing help offset expenses for Lake Stevens Fire.

“In the past billing for ambulance transports had been provided by a private company. Over the years billing for ambulance transports in the fire service has become the standard and by providing this service internally we are accessible to our community to work through the billing process,” Chief Lingenfelter commented.

Additionally Lake Stevens Fire currently provides ambulance billing services for Granite Falls Fire District 17, Silvana Fire District 19 and Getchell Fire District 22.

These valuable partnerships not only offset expenses for Lake Stevens Fire, they provide the opportunity for these fire districts to work collaboratively together.

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