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Two churches combine to create one


September 2, 2011

On July 31, Community Bible Church and Granite Falls Alliance Church united to become one church.

The new church formed by the merger has been named Christ’s Community Church and is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Both congregations have existed in Granite Falls for decades, with CBC having a history that dates back to 1897 and the Alliance church from 1929.

Over the years both churches have had periods of cooperation. In the last five years, after Dan Moushey left the Alliance Church leadership to pastor CBC, that cooperation has increased to such a degree that the leadership felt that it was better to work as one rather than as two separate churches.

When asked about this unique union Pastor Dan stated, “As the congregation and community of Granite Falls have increased, so have the needs. As a pastor, my primary responsibilities are to preach and teach, make disciples and pray for the congregation. My time and efforts are often spent on these alone. As I see marriages struggling, families breaking apart, and various needs increasing; it caused me to ask the leaderships of both churches a question: ‘Why don’t the churches merge together in order to meet more of the needs that are in our churches and community? Can We Serve the Lord Better: Together or Apart?’ I believe God has answered that question."

Christ’s Community Church is located at 401 Wabash Ave., Granite Falls. Sunday services begin at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome.


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