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October 11, 2011

Another WalMart coming to Marysville intersection

Dear Editor,

What gives? Another Wal-Mart in Snohomish County - Marysville in particular!

The chosen intersection for this store is currently a very busy intersection which gives a clear route to I-5 through an already high traffic area which includes a school, churches, parks, a YMCA and housing. To put any box retailer in this area seems very narrow minded.

Please let’s not have any box retailer at this intersection. How many Wal-Marts does one community need?

Let’s support the businesses we currently have without blacktopping more of our once beautiful county.

Janice Stepp

Lake Stevens

Less sign trash makes Lake Stevens beautiful to look at

Dear Editor,

I visit Lake Stevens and spend a lot of time every summer in the area. Last year I wrote a letter commenting on the amount of yard sale signs that are left on the street corners well after the sales are over and just blow around as trash. I also commented the same is true for my hometown.

This summer the yard signs were not left to blow around. I don’t think for a minute it was because of my letter, rather it was because the sign hangers were more thoughtful of their neighborhood. I know it is just a small thing, but I was one that noticed that the corners were more pleasant to look at. The community of Lake Stevens should be commended and be proud.

I know we do quite a bit of complaining about things (me included), but I think it is worth mentioning when things go good also!!

Richard Kerzetski

Las Vegas, Nevada

Our kids deserve consistent proper nutrition at school and at home

Dear Editor,

The recent article you published about the Farms to Schools program gives me hope about the state of nutrition in our schools. Washington is such a bountiful state and it seems obvious that we should make fresh produce readily available to Washington citizens.

Fresh, local produce in our school lunches shouldn’t be some luxury students get to experience a few times a year.

Our kids deserve consistent proper nutrition in order to develop into healthy adults. However, we are working and spending hard to keep junk foods cheap and accessible.

We spend billions in taxpayer dollars to subsidize the production of corn for corn syrup, a common additive in junk foods. Meanwhile we are facing a national health crisis.

It’s time for America to put its money where its mouth is. Let’s make healthy foods more accessible and stop subsidizing poisons that make our nation sick.

Elise Keim

Seattle, WA


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