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Granite Falls High School Eco teams set record at Salt Flats


October 31, 2011

The Granite Falls High School Eco team with their fuel efficient car.

The Granite Falls Eco Teams, a group of High School students who built two fuel efficient cars, an Urban Concept car and a Prototype car, seized the day and took the Urban Concept car to World of Speed in Bonneville, Utah.

The trip was not for racing but to test the car on different fuel in a different environment. The students also wanted to test the car on speed, hoping the car could run at 30 mph.

The Urban Concept car is the first car to run G Diesel fuel on the Bonneville Salt Flats so the 31.66668 mph was technically a record.

Students also met students from a local Middle School to explain the process of building the car and the participation at the Shell Eco Marathon competition.


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