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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Lake Stevens neighbors suffered great tragedies


October 31, 2011

On Monday, October 24, teens in both Snohomish and Marysville were devastated with tragedies that shouldn’t happen to such young people.

In the early morning at Snohomish High School, a 15-year-old female student came out of a bathroom stall and viciously attacked another female student with a knife.

The victim was stabbed over a dozen times including in the heart and lungs. Her friend quickly came to her rescue as she tried to fight off the attacker. She too ended up being stabbed by the suspect.

Screams were heard outside of the bathroom and a security guard and three varsity football players ran in to help the girls. Calmly, one of the football players called 911 while they each tried to stop the bleeding.

The young victims were rushed to Providence Hospital and both are miraculously still alive. The suspect is being held on $1 million bail and has been charged with attempted murder and assault.

Later that day three teens were in a fatal car crash in Marysville which left the male driver dead and the other two with injuries that sent them to the hospital.

Speed was the cause of this accident which took the life of a promising soccer player and a well-loved student at Marysville-Getchell High School.

In one day hundreds of lives were changed. The lives of the students at these high schools, friends of those involved in both incidents and mostly the lives of the parents and families of these six teenagers. They will never be the same. Losing a child at such a young age must be indescribable and for the young girl who was stabbed through the heart, I am sure that her family is just thankful that she is alive.

For the parents of the suspect, I am sure that they are grieving also for their child and what lies ahead for her.

What has come out of these tragic events is pretty miraculous in and of itself.

Normally rivaling schools have come together to support each other. Communities have grown tighter and forgiveness and understanding are breaking through the feelings of grief and loss.

Heroes were born that day and lifelong friendships were created. Only through tragedy do bonds like this form and while it saddens us, we as humans, seem to grow stronger and more compassionate when heartbreak overcomes us.

I have been impressed this past week at how the young people that surround us have prevailed through these tragedies, how much stronger they have become and how unified they have grown.

The youth in this great county are inspiring, to say the least. I hope we can all be as heroic and forgiving in the face of devastation.


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