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2010 Technology Levy work in progress


November 7, 2011

The Lake Stevens School District’s Technology Levy, which was approved by voters in February of 2010, was designed to address several needs in the district’s technology infrastructure and classroom support in order to better prepare students to be 21st century learners.

One major goal of the levy is to address the needs of delivering Internet services to classrooms. The district’s connections, between buildings, schools and to the outside world, are limited. Streaming data and video is slow because the district lacks adequate bandwidth to the Internet.

In order to address this need, the district will be contracting for the installation of fiber optic lines between schools and to the Internet. These fiber optic connections will increase bandwidth 100 to 1000 times over what the district currently uses.

This increase in bandwidth will enable the district to provide more Internet content to classrooms, utilize technology in new and better ways, replace its aging telephone system, make operations more efficient and communicate more information to parents and the community.

Installation of the fiber connections will take place over the next year and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2012. Improving the connections between schools is the first step in building the infrastructure necessary for 21st century teaching and learning.

After the external infrastructure is replaced, the district will upgrade its internal infrastructure in buildings that have not been recently built or modernized. The six-million dollar levy will also replace aging computer equipment in schools and provide for new technology as it is adopted by the district.

The district has also ordered and installed computers, ceiling mounted projectors, and documents cameras throughout the district in an effort to standardize technology in classrooms.

The district’s technology committee has developed a five year implementation plan to upgrade and provide up-to-date systems and equipment throughout the district as funds from the levy become available.


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