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Lake Stevens Eurasian Milfoil treatment a success


November 7, 2011

Boats travel Lake Stevens treating the Eurasian Milfoil.

The results are in on the Eurasian Milfoil treatment performed this summer and they are looking great.

Last July the City of Lake Stevens began the initial phase of the milfoil removal plan. This was performed with the use of a systemic herbicide that affects milfoil plants but not other desired aquatic vegetation.

The treatment was applied over a one-day period and within two weeks the milfoil started showing stress. In late September this year, a biologist team returned to conduct an evaluation of the treatment.

The finding by this team was that the treatment was highly successful, delivering well over 95 percent control of the Eurasian Milfoil present in the lake on an acre basis.

The majority of the milfoil plant stands have crashed to the lake bottom and were not visible.

In scattered areas within the larger treatment zones, there remained some severely damaged stems but well below the surface and are not expected to survive the winter. In a very few places plants were found to still have some life to them and may survive.

It is probable that there are Eurasian Milfoil plants remaining in Lake Stevens in isolated areas and this could expand as next summer approaches.

If left unchecked, this noxious weed can recover over the next few years and come back to the point that it is problematic for the community once again.

To address this, the City is planning to perform the next phase of the treatment next year including milfoil surveying, mapping, and spot treatment.

The City and County are very pleased at the result of this initial treatment and the effort is planned to continue to work together to achieve total removal of this weed from the lake.


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