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By Kelcey Hatch

Clorox grant could create summer discovery camp in L.S.


November 15, 2011

Clorox is offering grants to schools for an array of projects. Schools submit their ideas, and the four programs that receive the most votes win the grant money. The first place grant prize is $50,000, three second place prizes win $25,000. Clorox also chooses one program based on merit.

Local resident Kristin Wells has submitted an idea for Lake Stevens schools.

“I read about the program and felt that it was silly not to try, our schools need all the support that they can get,” Wells said.

Wells’ concept is to hold summer camps hosted at Skyline Elementary for local kids.

“I really wanted to create a concept that promoted kids to be creative, so I came up with the idea that we could hold summer camps hosted at the school that let kids enjoy the fun and excitement of art, music, and even science,” she said.

This grant will give parents affordable and possibly free and reduced price admission to classes for kids who would otherwise do without. The grant will also provide materials, instruments, classrooms and staff.

Although the project would be held at Skyline, the camp would be open to anyone in the area.

“My kids go to Skyline, I volunteer there, and know the staff. I think that people in Lake Stevens would feel a lot of pride to win this grant, and even if they don’t have kids, or their kids aren’t interested, as a community we would all benefit from this project,” Wells said.

So how does the community make this project happen? Lake Stevens residents need to vote, anyone over the age of 13 can participate. There are two different ways to vote; by cell phone or online at

Every cell phone can vote once a day by texting “clorox2414” to 44144. Every email address can vote online once a day. To vote online you need to register and log in. Voting goes until December 9.

The local project can also be found on Facebook by searching for Summer Discovery Camp. Use the network site to tell your friends and family about the grant and as a daily reminder to vote.

“We need to get the word out so that lots of people are voting everyday,” Wells said.



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