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Cavelero ASB students launch recycling project


November 21, 2011

Cavelero ASB students launch recycling project

ASB Leaders acted on a need and this fall initiated a school-wide recycling program that includes leadership kids emptying the big blue recycle bins every Friday. Bins are now located in every wing and strategic locations throughout the school.

A group of students got the idea of expanding the recycling program at Cavelero from an assistant 8th grade football coach, Mike Pollardo. He has children in the district and is also a driver for Waste Management.

The idea turned into an energetic, school-wide program developed by the students.

Recently students met with Jeff McMahon, District Manager of Sno-King Waste Management and Education and Outreach Coordinator, Kristin Kinder to learn about the benefits of the program and to receive materials. Important components include public education of what can be recycled, the cost saving benefit to the school, and the long-term benefit for the earth.

ASB and Leadership students already know a lot of public information has to take place.

Student leader Makenna Berg said, “Some people just think it’s a regular garbage can, so we have to sort out the garbage from the recyclable materials, and it doesn’t smell very good.”

Cavelero Leadership Korynn Christler- 9th grade, Makenna Berg - 9th grade, Jeff McMahon - District Manager Sno-King Waste Management, Alex Cortez - 9th grade, Kristin Kinder - Education and Outreach Coordinator Waste Management, and Tallon Cote - 9th grade.

Jeff McMahon, also a parent of twins at Cavelero, was more than happy to share the cost savings and earth savings to students. “I think it smells like money! I hope that we can eventually recycle nearly everything and landfills will be something of the past.”

He also told the students of a company that Waste Management is working with in Portland where they ship recycled hard plastics. The company breaks the plastics into small chips and melts them, turning it into crude oil.

As Kristin Kinder passed out pencil holder sized Waste Management bins, students talked about the day when the weekly garbage would fit into something that small.

Student made posters and Waste Management posters and stickers are now finding their way around hallways and recycle stations.

With this expanded program all mixed recyclables can go into the bins including empty glass and plastic bottles (no caps please), cans, metals, non-waxed containers, paper and cardboard. In the past only paper and cardboard was sent to the recycle bin at Cavelero.


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