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Dorn Discusses Funding, Better Teacher Evaluation System, Innovative Schools


November 21, 2011

BELLEVUE — Education funding cannot be cut more than it already has, Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn said at a speech this morning, adding, “Don’t shortchange a generation of children because adults have a problem they can’t solve.”

Dorn made his comments today at the fall conference of the Washington State School Directors Association.

During the speech, Dorn outlined the progress being made on his priorities since he came into office in 2009 and his agenda for the upcoming 2012 legislative session, which will include legislation on helping ineffective teachers improve.

“Students need to be taught by the best teachers available,” he said. “Our new teacher evaluation system will identify teachers that need to improve. I want to make sure that those teachers get all the additional assistance and professional development they need.”

Dorn announced the first round of so-called Innovative Schools, which celebrate schools around the state that are providing instructional programs for students that are bold, creative, and innovative. A total of 22 schools were named. “These schools are working hard to meet the needs of individual students and preparing them for success in careers and college” he said. “I’m excited that the innovative schools program will be able to share their success stories.”

Dorn also praised the many partnerships the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has formed. Those partnerships – which include the Microsoft IT Academy, Boeing manufacturing pathways, Jobs for America’s Graduates, and Washington STEM – are providing more opportunities for students to graduate with the skills they need either to continue their education or to start work.[More …]


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