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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Two Lake Stevens banks hit by thieves


December 5, 2011

Chase Bank in Lake Stevens was robbed last week.

Two different M.O.s, with two different suspects and two different banks were robbed within a week of each other in Lake Stevens.

Whidbey Island Bank located in Frontier Village at 629 Highway 9 was robbed on Tuesday, November 22 just before closing time and after all of the bank’s customers had left the premises.

The white male suspect jumped over the counter informing the tellers that he had a weapon.

“A single male came into the bank, jumped up on the counter, said he had a gun and demanded an undisclosed amount of cash and then left the bank,” Lake Stevens Police Chief Randy Celori said.

The suspect is 5’8” to 5’10” tall and was wearing dark, heavy clothing including a construction type jacket, thick black pants and a scarf covering his face and glasses.

Police got the 911 call at 4:53 p.m. and soon responded with a tracking dog.

“A K9 tracker was called but they were not able to find anything,” Celori said.

Exactly a week later on Tuesday, Nov. 30, the Chase Bank located near Haggen at 9009 Market Place was robbed. The 911 call was made at 4:58 p.m. This time the robber walked into a bank full of customers.

“He had on a sweatshirt with a bandana over his mouth and walked into the bank with 16 people including employees and customers,” Celori explained. “He went up to one of the tellers with his hand wrapped in dark plastic to make it appear he had a weapon.”

The suspect got away with $3,000.

While the two incidents seem to have some things in common like the day and time, it seems that each bank has different suspects.

“The one at Chase seemed to have had more experience,” Celori said. “They don’t appear to be related.”

Whidbey Island Bank in Lake Stevens was robbed on Nov. 22.

Police have uncovered additional evidence in the Chase robbery including a hoodie and a $100 bill that may have been dropped by the suspect.

A K9 unit was brought in and did a track.

“The item he used as a weapon was discovered during the K9 track,” Celori said.

The FBI has been brought into help with both investigations.

The last time a bank was robbed in Lake Stevens was in January 2007 when then Frontier Bank, now Union Bank, in Frontier Village was robbed.


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