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December 30, 2011

Initiatives give voters a fair shake

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Alisa DeFalco's letter to the editor entitled “Legalizing marijuana is not the right choice.”

I too have been approached by initiative signature gatherers throughout the years and have signed each and every one of them regardless of whether or not I was for or against them.

Why? Because these are Citizen Initiatives. To not sign it is to hinder the democratic process and allow the government and other like-minded people to control society.

Haven’t we all had enough of being controlled by the one percent? Isn’t that what these “Occupy Wall Streeters” have been working for?

Sure, we live in a Republic not a Democracy, but the initiative process is the only thing 'We the People' have in our arsenal against all of the injustices we have had to endure the last few years.

Because of government actions and inactions I lost everything I worked 20 years for.

In repayment do you know how you have chosen to vote on initiatives the last few years? If I don’t care one way or the other or don’t have the time to really research the issue I simply try to find out which vote is supported by the government and law enforcement...and then I vote the opposite.

Brad Ashforth


Protecting our most vulnerable

Dear Editor,

I am continuously amazed by our legislature.

Special session began at the end of November and lawmakers were instructed to balance the budget in 30 days. Despite only fixing a quarter of the problem lawmakers decided they were done and went home early.

It’s time our legislature starts creating a plan to increase revenue so we can protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Lawmakers can’t keep cutting programs to seniors and people with disabilities to solve the budget problem and they must listen to the will of the voters and implement initiative 1163.

Rhonda Paul


Thanks to community for helping Middle School students

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend a warm thank you to several groups and individuals that are reaching out to help our Middle School kids in Granite Falls. For starters, the company ING provided us with a $2,000 grant to create a “media fitness circuit”.

We were able to purchase two Wii’s, two more projectors, two Xboxes with Kinect, and several games. In addition to this, a family in our school (Taylor/Violette) donated three games and another brand new Xbox with Kinect. This donation allowed us to extend the popular gaming service to more kids at a time, many of whom may not have other opportunities to use them. Thank you!

Another program we have at the Middle School is a Weekend Backpack ministry. Every Friday some of our kids bring home a bag with a few extra meals for the weekend. Some kids are in the program for a few months, and others for much longer.

A warm “Thank You” goes out to the many that keep this program going. It is completely run on donations. Last week Jansport mailed us ten new backpacks.

There are district staff that donate food, money, and shoes. The Community Coalition had a blanket/food drive last month and Windermere is holding a BBQ raffle for donations.

Additionally, we have been told we may receive some of the items donated by the community through the Holiday Food Drive at GFHS. Thank you to all who support our kids.

The compassion in Granite Falls never ceases to amaze me!

Robynn Barth

Granite Falls


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