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YOUR | LETTERS for January 4, 2012 issue


January 3, 2012

Support of community helps families in need

Dear Editor,

We are overwhelmed with joy at the generosity of the Lake Stevens community in their support for the Li’l Hungry Hearts program this holiday season.

We would like to thank Mr. Joe Cronin, Lake Stevens High School Leadership Teacher, who engaged his students in the project of collecting food for the Food Bank and Li’l Hungry Hearts at local grocery stores.

As a result our storage unit is bursting with food to support families during difficult times.

We are so grateful for his support and for all his students who diligently collected food at local stores and by going door to door.

We would like to thank the local stores who participated in the food collection: Lake Stevens Safeway, Lake Stevens Haggens, Lake Stevens Albertsons and Snohomish Fred Meyer.

Also a huge thank you to our wonderful community that stepped up and donated food at each of these locations.

We are very appreciative to all of the teenagers and families that turned out to help transport and sort through the boxes and boxes of food.

All of this is made possible by the support we have received from the Lake Stevens School District.

Finally we would like to thank the Lake Stevens Journal for supporting the Li’l Hungry Hearts program from its inception.

We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of families right here in our own community.

Anita Caffee and Tammie Enders

Li’l Hungry Hearts

Gregoire becoming fiscally conservative?

Dear Editor,

Governor Gregoire has become a fiscal conservative as government times get leaner.

She has issued an Executive Order requiring all executive agencies to use LEAN management principles, cutting waste and improving efficiency.

Wow, that only took seven years to cut waste and improve the process of her administration, we should all be proud. She is looking at privatizing the State Lottery, but wouldn't consider privatizing any state function when she was running for election/re-election and getting donations from the state employees union.

It is convenient to be conservative when you actually want to get the job done and the governor is proving just that. Imagine how efficient and scaled back our state government would have been if Governor Gregoire had cared more about doing her job and less on campaign donations.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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