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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor With Theo White 

Former LSHS wrestler White makes instructional DVD


January 10, 2012

Theo White grew up in the Lake Stevens High School Wrestling room and has made a career out of what he learned there. White shares his story as he launches a new instructional DVD set entitled Wrestling for MMA . White tells his story.

Nothing much had changed when I returned to my old High School practice room in November. Twelve years after competing for the team, the Lake Stevens Wrestling program is still in the pursuit of perfection.

As I did Wrestling drills Viking coach Barnes halted practice.

“Drill perfect, if it’s not perfect it’s not worth doing, don’t waste your time!” he said. “Go do something else,” he mumbled.

Practice quickly resumed. The tone was serious and so are the results.

Coach Barnes could ask these kids to jump off a cliff and they would. No one questions the system at Lake Stevens and for good reason.

I was moved and reminded why I returned to my alma mater, to get better—this time as a coach.

The goal at Lake Stevens is to get better every day and this is achieved through hard work and a phenomenal coaching staff. Brent Barnes, Dean Width and Andy Knutson care for their athletes as people and this is why they get so much out of their athletes.

I can assure you that winning is not the goal for these coaches although it may seem to be. A champion in and out of the arena is what they are building.

Everything good I have done in life is a direct result of Wrestling and specifically Wrestling at Lake Stevens.

The coaching staff at Lake Stevens saved my life and gave me the self-awareness to help others to this day. With Lake Steven’s Wrestling in my blood I was able to continue my Wrestling career beyond High School, which led me to Greco Roman All-American status at University Nationals and six U.S. Open appearances.

I was also blessed to have been able to wrestle with the legendary coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Gable at the University of Iowa. It was in Iowa where I was exposed to my first world-class mixed martial arts gym when I trained at Team Militich.

From there I continued on to Oregon where I paid several visits to world renowned Team Quest, another premiere mixed martial arts gym.

As I moved into coaching and away from competitive athletics I felt obligated to share my experiences and it was my time at Lake Stevens that paved the way for my most recent endeavor; the production of an instructional two-DVD set titled Wrestling for MMA (mixed martial arts).

I don’t think some of these kids realize what they have in Lake Stevens and what they have is a world-class program. This is the best program in the country and I have been around the best, Lake Stevens Wrestling is here to stay. Hard work pays off!

I am proud to introduce the most comprehensive Mixed Martial Arts instructional DVD in the world titled Wrestling for MMA.

The two-DVD set is sure to change the face of MMA for the better. The set features 70-plus chapters of high level skills and drills that can be implemented in any program today. The DVD set is a compilation of techniques used by the best Wrestling and MMA camps in the world.

The goal of the DVD is to make information available that is secretive and only presented inside the closed doors of world class training facilities.

For more information you can visit the website:


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