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Dr. Cerven offering free sealant for kids


January 30, 2012

Kids need dental care just as much as adults, so much so they have declared February National Children's Dental Health Month.

The staff at Dr. Cerven’s office is excited about giving back to their community of Granite Falls by improving the dental health of local kids.

They welcome kids in their general dental practice and know how important it is that they also receive dental care.

Parents often ask what they can do to prevent cavities in their kids. Making sure that there is a daily brushing and flossing routine established is first and foremost.

It's also important that parents help their kids brush their teeth. At such young ages, kids are still learning how to properly hold a toothbrush.

So, reinforcement from the parents is key.

Kids can get cavities so easily now with the increase in processed foods and simple sugars in today's diets. Making smart snack and food choices are critical.

Candy, cookies, crackers, and other non-nutritious foods can contribute.

Believe it or not, dried fruit such as raisins or fruit leather can be a big contributor to cavities. Even without the added sugar in these products, the natural sugar in dried fruit or leathers is condensed into small, chewy, sticky, pieces and can hang around in the pits and grooves of the teeth.

Sealants will help prevent cavities. The placement involves bonding a plastic coating of material into the pits and grooves, allowing the chewing surface to become more smooth and less likely to trap food particles.

A sealant can only be placed on a tooth that doesn't have a cavity or a filling already.

As part of National Children's Dental Health Month Dr. Cerven will be having a free sealant day in their office on Saturday, February 11.

They will see children from the ages of 6 through 18. A parent or guardian must be present with their child.

Please contact their office to schedule because this event is by appointment only.

They are located at 405 South Granite Avenue, just a few blocks south of Key Bank and across the street from The Father's House church.

To reserve your child's appointment time or if you have questions, contact Cerven Dentistry at 360-691-7793 or email them at


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