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January 30, 2012

Some watchdogs . . . Don’t

Dear Editor,

Considering our nation’s dire financial straits, one is left to wonder what we’re entitled to expect from our political leaders.

Should we not expect them to be a bit more savvy in finance, employment, security, and infrastructure than the average citizen? Are they not paid to be?

Isn’t that so the average citizen can go about his or her business secure in the knowledge their interests are being watched over by competent legislators?

Were there not many credible voices warning of the slippery slopes associated with our “phony” economy?

And, with so many recognizing the warnings sounded by the “” bust, one must assume our leaders had things on their minds substantially different from what the populace might have hoped or expected.

It seems I recall Governor Gregoire bragging about our state’s eight billion dollar “surplus” just a few weeks before the first shoe fell.

Who was feeding her that information? And, is that person still employed?

But now, accepting our realities, it is reassuring to know while the governor can’t ensure police officers and firefighters can keep their jobs and our streets and homes safe, that at least some segments of our citizenry can have their needs met.

Recently, the governor decided to throw her weight behind the legalization of marijuana use and the drive to allow homosexual “marriage.” So while we all face difficult times, it is good to know that the political leader of our state has the time to support illicit drug users and those advocating sexual deviance as an accepted “lifestyle.”

Question? When catering to the lowest common denominator, what gives that common denominator a reason to stop going ever lower?

William Cook

Lake Stevens


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