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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

North Cove receives a new, one-of-a-kind dock


February 28, 2012

The new dock at North Cove with LSRC members showing how it works.

The well-used dock at North Cove public dock has been replaced with a new, state-of-the art dock thanks to the combined efforts of the City of Lake Stevens and the Lake Stevens Rowing Club.

In 2010 the City started working with Washington State Fish & Wildlife to see whether the wood dock could be repaired and they budgeted $18,000 for the project. However, due to environmental regulations the dock needed to be replaced.

“Fish & Wildlife told us that the dock could not be replaced because it was not fish friendly,” Lake Stevens Public Works Director Mick Monken explained.

They started their search for a floating dock that had the necessary grates on it which allows light for the fish underneath.

“We couldn’t find one dock that seemed to be well suited for the rowing activities and also would meet Fish & Wildlife’s regulations,” Monken said.

The City found a company who was willing to not only make the new dock but to design it as well.

“It’s the only dock in the world like this,” Monken said.

The cost of the dock was $24,000 which was more than the City had budgeted for the project. This is where the Lake Stevens Rowing Club comes in.

The club knew the importance of getting this new dock so they stepped in and donated the additional $6,000 needed to purchase the dock.

The need for this type of dock was imperative to local rowers. It helps them when getting on and off their low riding vessels and has become an asset to others with small watercraft.

“Without a low profile dock Lake Stevens rowers would need to wade out knee deep when launching. The cold water would have a chilling effect on rowing for several months each year. The dock is located away from the busy motor boat launch offering a much safer place for small portable watercraft, canoe, kayak, and the like to access the lake,” Bob Cummins, President of the Lake Stevens Rowing Club said. “We have also noticed a people using the dock for fishing or simply sitting and enjoying the lake. Finally it is a critical asset when hosting regattas in Lake Stevens.”

Those regattas helped pay for the new dock along with LSRC members.

“The primary source of funding for capital assets is regatta income and to a lesser extent small donations from LSRC members, their extended family and friends,” Cummins explained. “The donation for the dock came from this source.”

Collaboration with the City has helped the LSRC to establish a viable rowing club here in town. Helping with the dock expense helps all parties involved.

“From our 1997 inception LSRC was founded with one of its core principles focused on community activity. We are a resource, an asset to the community especially the serving youth. We recognize the positive influence sport activity can have on the development of young people. We also recognize the benefit of life long physical exercise for adults,” Cummins said. “In pursuit of these central themes we have appreciated any assistance the City has extended. To the extent we are able it only seems reasonable, that we reciprocate and participate in City improvements especially in those which directly benefit our activity.”

“The Lake Stevens Rowing Club helped out immensely,” Monken said.

The 80 foot long dock was put in the water in December.


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