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YOUR|LETTERS for February 29, 2012


February 28, 2012

Mutts against Mitt?

Dear Editor,

MSNBC reports, “Mutts Against Mitt Movement has Bite.” Some animal lovers are fuming over a horrible injustice meted out to the Romney family pet during a road trip in 1983. Seamus the dog, having soiled himself — and the car — was hosed down, placed back in his car-top kennel and readied to continue down the road for from five to 12 hours, depending on which media outlet you choose to believe.

Little mention was made that the Romneys wanted Seamus to share the trip and destination with them, that Mitt had created a wind block for him or that he was accustomed to — and comfortable with — being in that kennel.

I doubt many people love their pets more than me. My chug is downstairs tearing up the family room at this moment while my tabby snoozes on the computer — glancing up from time to time to make sure I’m being balanced in my comments. [She’s not into “Dan Rather Journalism.”] Thus, living in the real world, I can’t find his actions too out of place, except for those who would use any excuse at their disposal to derail his campaign.

I have to admit, he’s been making some pretty severe mistakes lately. If he had just been having sex with an intern in the governor’s mansion (Pres. Clinton), or maybe cheating on his wife who was dying of cancer (V.P. hopeful Edwards), or even going to court (Pres. hopeful Kerry) to support testimony concerning the “atrocities” performed by American servicemen against the Vietnamese people as seen first hand — (Campbell) through Navy “big eyes,” 120mm binoculars* — which couldn’t have been seen at the distance claimed, he would have been found faultless!

But, treating a dog like a . . . dog! Oh, the humanities; string him up!

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

William Cook

Lake Stevens

A public thank you from the family of Josh Divers

Dear Editor,

It took about thirty minutes to get Josh Divers out from under the airplane the evening of Friday, February 3, 2012. This was accomplished by firefighters from Paine Field Fire and Boeing Fire, paramedics from Everett Fire and Josh’s co-workers who were there first, the reluctant witnesses to the horrific event, all working together. No turf battles or red tape, they just got the job done.

This was followed by twelve minutes in an Airlift Northwest helicopter to Harborview and their skilled doctors and nurses.

These pieces came together that evening to extricate our son, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin, Josh, from under the landing gear of a new 787 at Boeing’s Everett facility and collectively to save his life.

It is easy to say the system worked. In truth it is the dedicated men and women that make it work. These humble people are our reluctant heroes, the kind that shy away from the limelight, and will tell you thank you but we are just doing our jobs. We know better, they enter careers demanding long hours away from their families and unfathomable stress, to make sure everyone have a chance to live.

We are confident that the investigation of the accident will assure this won’t happen again.

Josh has many friends, more than we could have imagined. He also has his faith in God and an inner strength that is remarkable. Combined with the love and support of his family, Josh will overcome these life altering injuries.

Thank you to all the responders and to the community for your compassion and support.

Linda (Josh’s mother) & Scott Lewis, Gresham, Oregon

The Bachmann’s, Everett

Bob & Linda Moore, Everett

Michelle Wyatt, Arlington

Pam & Richard Striker, Edmunds

Thank you to Lake Stevens Albertsons for your service

Dear Editor,

It is great pleasure that we get to recognize Albertsons for their years of valuable service and contributions to help the needy in Everett. With their support we are able to continue serving a great number of people in our community.

Their contributions to this effort cannot be over estimated. The donations gives help to support our Community Meal Program, Neighbor’s Who Care. Their managers and employees have additionally supported our meals by donating time and sponsoring a meal service in both Everett and Marysville. Along with this continued support they have hosted our annual Kettle Campaign Kick Off.

On a monthly basis our organization serves 650 households through the food bank, another 1,600 individuals through the bread room, of between 1,200 and 1,600 hot meals over the course of a month.

The Salvation Army of Everett is proud to count Albertsons of Lake Stevens, the management and employees, a friend to the community in Everett and Snohomish County and a friend of ours.

Thanks for all that you do.

Jason C. Detmer

Director of Community Assistance The Salvation Army of Everett

Romney has earned your vote at caucuses

Dear Editor:

Mitt Romney is a proven leader —both in the business world and as a governor of a state. When the 2002 Winter Olympics was steeped in scandal —financial and otherwise, a search was conducted to find someone who could turn the failing enterprise around.

That search came to an end when Mitt Romney was discovered and accepted the challenge of cleaning up a big mess. Because of Romney’s careful management, the Olympics came through with a multi-million dollar profit and were the most successful games held on U.S. soil.

This country is desperately in need of the kind of leadership Governor Romney will provide as President of the United States.

America, like the 2002 Olympics, is also in financial turmoil, and I am confident that Governor Romney can and will fix things; he has far more experience than the other candidates to accomplish the goal of restoring America’s financial freedom.

Republicans have the opportunity to caucus for Mitt Romney this Saturday morning, March 3.

I hope you will take a little bit of time to cast your vote for Mitt Romney. For more info regarding the caucus, please visit

Natalie Lavering

Lake Stevens

Paul, candidate who will restore nation

Dear Editor,

This Saturday, March 3, voters in Washington will finally have a chance to voice their opinion on who should be the Republican nominee for President.

Over the last several years we have all witnessed the explosive growth of government, endless wars, financial bubbles, bailouts of the rich, and foreclosures for the rest of us. We see a loss of our civil liberties where we are all treated like criminals in our airports, borders, phone conversations, and electronic communications.

We see a Presidency that acts like an elected dictator who can start wars, assassinate citizens, and lock up suspects indefinitely on his say so alone.

The Founders of this nation would be appalled at what we have done with their Revolution that was paid in their blood and treasure.

There is only one candidate that can restore our nation back to its founding principles of liberty, the rule of law, and specific enumerated government powers. There is only one candidate that has the consistent track record to prove that he will follow through with his promises. There is only one candidate that is fearless in the face of political pressure and high paid lobbyists. That candidate is Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul has put forth a specific plan to balance the budget in his third year in office. To start, he will cut $1 trillion of federal spending in the first year.

He achieves this by eliminating five cabinet departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education), privatizing the TSA, abolishing corporate welfare, halting foreign aid, and ending all foreign wars.

While doing this, he preserves Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in their current form, while allowing young workers to opt out of the system.

Ron Paul’s plan repeals ObamaCare and many other intrusive regulations and allows the free market to work. He will stabilize the dollar by putting a halt to the Federal Reserve creating money out of thin air.

Ron Paul is seen as a radical who is unwilling to compromise. I believe that the real radicals are the ones who have been in charge.

We need someone who will bring sanity back to the White House and will do so without compromise. Failing to do so will spell doom for this nation as we continue to slide into tyranny.

Vote Ron Paul for President!

Bruce Morton

Lake Stevens


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