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March 6, 2012

Proud of our city’s staff

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 19, 2012 the Everett Herald published a full page of the salaries of mayors, city population figures and city employees of all cities in Snohomish County. Great job by Herald writer Amy Daybert.

I compared my city of Lake Stevens to all other cities and my city won by having the most efficient ratio of city employees to city population. By dividing the city population by city employees it came out a ratio of 1 to 448. I then compared Everett ratio of 1 to 90.

That means that it takes 448 citizens of Lake Stevens to pay for one city employee and 90 Everett citizens to pay for one city employee. If wages for city workers are about equal in both cities by dividing 448 by 90 %, it would mean that Everett citizens are paying about five times more per person than Lake Stevens citizens to get the city business accomplished.

I then divided the two cities mayors’ salaries by city population. The results were Lake Stevens Mayor is paid $ .51 cents by every city resident. Everett citizens pay their Mayor $1.50 per citizen. Which means that Lake Stevens citizens are saving a bunch of money by having more efficient employees in getting the job done.

So my hat is off to the Lake Stevens Mayor, city council and city employees for a job well done. Just keep working on reducing my property taxes.

Phillip Beardsley

Lake Stevens


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