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YOUR | LETTERS for March 21, 2012


March 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

My name is Dale, and I am the President/Executive Director of All Breed Equine Rescue in Marysville, Wash.

As a horse rescue, we also try to bring the community together with the healing and love that these magnificent creatures bring to their hearts. We offer such programs as YMCA children and adult tours and a fun filled day with the horses along with local handicap adult and youth programs at the rescue, so people can feel how important it is to have them and how important it is for the horses.

It gives everyone a sense of responsibility when they come here. We also have been affiliated with the local juvenile court systems as well as drug court and adult court programs. We don’t stop there.

Our doors are open to anyone who needs a “horse fix” as we like to call it. Horses seem to help us heal. They help us forget the pain we have and show us the love they have. Horses do not judge us; they love us and respect us for who we are.

People who come here also learn responsibility. The horses need us as much as we need them. Although I think sometimes we need them more. This is why we are in such need for volunteers.

We are always so shorthanded and if one person could give one day a week, or bi-weekly or even one day a month, it would make a huge difference and help us keep the rescue here for years to come.

Additional ways to help are detailed on our web page. You can also come out to our fundraisers­—we have an open house coming up in April and a golf tournament coming up in July.

Details for these events can be found at our web page at Please RSVP.

Thank you for your support!

Dale Squeglia


Don’t vote? Don’t complain

Dear Editor,

Recently, I had a conversation with an individual who was complaining about politicians and the state of politics in this great nation.

He then proceeded to inform me that he has never voted and never intends to. That is when I have a major problem with complaining.

I personally don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent.

I was raised with the ideal that if you have the ability to vote and simply choose not to utilize that option, then you forfeit your right to complain. I am confident and optimistic that many people feel the same way.

Jeff Swanson


Talk to neighbors before buying foreclosed homes

Dear Editor,

As a general contractor I was shocked to find out that real estate agents are under no obligation to inform a potential buyer if a house has unforeseen damage when the house is a foreclosed home and owned by a bank.

Generally, foreclosed homes are sold as is. So, as a public service announcement and to get back at the banks and some real estate agents who don’t want to play with full transparency, let your friends know if they are shopping the foreclosure market it would behoove them to go and talk with the neighbors about the house they’re interested in.

The neighbors are more inclined to inform you of the history and if they know anything that is not visual upon looking at a home.

The time it takes to introduce yourself and let a neighbor know you’re interested in a foreclosed home could save you tens of thousands of dollars of unexpected expenses.

Richard DeWayne

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