March 27, 2012 |

Elle Marie

Elle Marie owner Lorry Green

Owning my own hair salon has been a dream come true and that dream dates back as far as I can remember. When I was a little girl my mom wouldn't buy me Barbie dolls because I always cut their hair off. Well, I now cut hair everyday experiencing that same level of creativity and fun! The major difference now is that my Barbies are real women who share their lives with me while they’re in my chair. Building those relationships is so rewarding!

In addition to doing hair, I also have 30 amazing team members who continue to amaze me with their commitment to our industry and their ability to work together as a truly cohesive team.

We are a dynamic company with a commitment to growth. We actually have plans to open a third location very soon. This type of work environment demands flexibility and an openness to change. It isn’t for everyone, but the ones who are able to truly embrace it find themselves with numerous opportunities, including education around the country, roles within our management team, and simply a better standard of living.

Whether their goals are to become certified in the latest and greatest hair products or simply prepare their family for the arrival of their first child, watching them grow and achieve their dreams makes what I do so worthwhile. (Note: We’ve welcomed two babies in the last year and have six more on the way! We’ll gladly offer you water, but some believe there is something in it so you’re welcome to bring your own.)

I believe there is also something to be said for embracing your industry and those in it. I love meeting and sharing ideas with other salon owners.

Being associated with a consulting group, a network of like-minded salons who share a proven system for success has really helped us. Plus, I find a strong relationship with your distributor and product reps can prove invaluable, not to mention a lot of fun when you run into familiar faces at nationwide events!

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