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By Lisa Finley
Contributing Writer 

Shake your head, not your fingers


March 27, 2012

I am making progress in this world of technology. Thirty years ago my first instinct to anything remotely related to a computer was to flee. Next came a decade of avoidance. Lately, I have begun to wade into the waters of the cyberspace world, and have even purchased a Kindle Fire. Besides a slight addiction to “Angry Birds” it has proven beneficial.

I also try to advance in “talking tech” by learning current terms and uploading a few new apps. Like many moms I use my young adult children to help keep me updated! The other day we asked our son about a new “smh” abbreviation he used on his facebook page. Our family had a good laugh when he promptly informed us that it means “shaking my head.”

We’ve all had incidents that just don’t make sense, when we’ve wanted to shake our head in disbelief. Most of them are found in the news, such as the recent accidental deaths by young children who have had access to guns. It’s hard to wrap our minds around such tragedies.

However, there are also beautiful times in our lives when we must shake our heads in utter amazement. The birth of a child has such an effect. It leaves parents humbled by being part of the process and awestruck by the wonder held in their arms.

Easter qualifies as a triple good “smh”. First of all it’s mindboggling that the God of all creation would send His son to earth to save mankind. Second, it’s beyond comprehension that Christ would endure a horrific crucifixion because of His great love. Finally, it’s unimaginable to realize the power behind His resurrection.

The disciples and all those whom Jesus appeared to before His ascension were certainly shaking their heads. In fact they were so busy proclaiming the astonishing Good News they had no time to shake their fingers.

Many Christians today seem to only shake their fingers. They chose groups and issues to point at and target with condemnation, yet the Bible states that “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” John 3:17

This Easter season we need to be more like the disciples, shaking our heads in wonder—trying to understand the goodness of God and His power. That must be our focus, one that leads us to search scripture more, grow in our relationship with Jesus, and then speak of it by sharing with others.

Every time we see a cross let it not be just another common symbol that we ignore, but may we have a true “smh” response.


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