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YOUR|LETTERS for April 2012

Reardon should admit his affairs

Dear Editor,

In regard to the most recent woman who has come forward and accused Aaron Reardon of cheating on his wife with her, it sure does beg the question: Can Mr. Reardon ever just step up to the plate and admit he has had affairs?

I was skeptical that it could have been a case of a lover scorned when the first woman came out with allegations against him, but now that there is another woman going to the press with allegations it just seems more than that and is more than likely true.

If Mr. Reardon wants to challenge accusations of misuse of public funds, that is fine. Any politician deserves that but all I ask of the county executive is to come forward and admit he has cheated. The longer he denies this and the longer he refuses to answer questions from the press, the more guilty he looks.

The ball is in your court Mr. Executive.

Jeff Swanson


Machias River left unsafe due to negligence

Dear Editor,

During the recent flooding of the Machias River our neighbors home, upstream in Granite Falls, was washed into the river and is scattered everywhere in our once beautiful backyard. There was also a beef carcass that had been dumped into the Machias River behind my home.

The cow carcass has been removed but was dumped at the county maintained bridge at the end of 64th St. NE in Lake Stevens.

I was told by other members of the community that the county maintenance crew dumped the carcass off of the bridge.

This is appalling and extremely disgusting, considering that this is my backyard.

Regarding the mess left over from the irresponsible landowners, I believe they should be responsible for cleaning the mess their house left behind or at least fined for filling one of the most protected rivers in the state with household items including but not limited to: wiring, cable, insulation, lumber filled with rusty nails, broken windows, dishwasher, conduit, glass, metal, siding, roofing and anything else you find in your home.

If there is anything you can do to help me spread awareness of these situations I am begging you for my help.

The Machias River is our home and it only takes a few irresponsible people to ruin the entire river for all of us.

My children and I enjoy playing in the river, our backyard, and with this mess to deal with I feel it is unsafe for them and others.

Tatiana McLean

Lake Stevens

Concerns over meeting refusal by City

Dear Editor,

I recently received a note from Darla at City Hall, denying my request for a meeting with the Mayor and Chief of Police. The reason cited was that the meeting would be a conflict-of-interest for the City of Granite Falls.

I would like to get a little further clarification on why the City would have a conflict of interest with me.

Over the past 18 months I have simply researched public records, interviewed witnesses, observed events, and have been very public in actions to assist the Mayor in achieving the “Mandate of the Voters”, which was to remove from office the individuals responsible for the perceived corruption at City Hall, for almost a decade.

While working to bring investors to our City, I have been investigated by the State Police, The Lake Stevens Police and the Snohomish County Prosecutors. I stand here today a free man, no charges filed and amazed at the level of resistance a City Council could put forward to stop business development in our financially strapped City.

There is something really, really wrong at Granite Falls City Hall.

A few years ago, a major tech company moved a facility to Quincy or Euphrata. The economic future of this city is secure forever, with a major employer based in the city. That is about to happen here in Granite Falls.

My partners have visited our City and we are in the process of moving a future major health and wellness brand headquarters and manufacturing facility to our City. We are also moving ahead with the lodge project and will build it here. We have another global business, in the development stages and it also will be based here in town.

In addition, my partners and I are conducting a feasibility study to build a facility like Aspen Town Center, on the property across from the IGA. Wealthy foreign nationals are streaming into Bellevue, buying high rise condos for millions in cash and will soon want a condo or timeshare for weekend getaways from the 100-hour weeks that they work. That’s why they are wealthy.

Needless to say, I would like a clarification on why the City of Granite Falls has a conflict of interest with me meeting with the Mayor and Chief of Police.

I do not understand how the City expects me, the project leader, to complete my task, without access to city officials.

In the 2013 Voter communications, those running for office within the city will have their responses reproduced and sent to every voter.

We live in a small town. Granite Falls City Hall has become a fortress against its own citizens and their economic future.

I have asked that the City of Granite Falls respond to my letter using honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency as their guideline.

Ken Oakes

Granite Falls

Is ‘Obamacare’ unconstitutional?

Dear Editor,

"Obamacare" has reached the U.S. Supreme Court and the arguments have been interesting. Is it constitutional to require Americans to buy a product/service just because we are alive?

I still point to the fact that health insurance costs could be relieved if we were able to buy insurance across state lines. Right now, you can only buy insurance from a company in Washington and therefore you are missing out on hundreds of other companies.

Washington state currently has 58-mandates in your coverage whether you need it or not and that drives up the costs. A few of the mandates are: acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic, chemical dependency, and injuries caused by intoxication or narcotics.

We should be able to customize our own health insurance. Costs for most procedures are increasing due to the coverage mandates but others that aren't mandated, thus are open to the free-market, are lowering in costs. Lasik surgery, not mandated, has dropped 30 percent in cost.

We need to give individual citizens more control over their healthcare decisions and the prices will decrease if we can shop around.

If you are a fan of single-payer system, government complete control, then who will pay the price? The price of health care will skyrocket.

If you don't have to pay, then you will use the service without concern for the price and it will drive this country right into a bankruptcy.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

Granite Falls, a town to be proud of

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Linda Hall’s e-letter to the community sent out as school superintendent on March 1.

Unlike Ms. Hall, I have been connected to Granite for many years through family, through 24 years of teaching at GFHS, and now as a resident of four years. I chose to move here to retire after living and travelling extensively in over 35 states and 50 foreign countries. I believe Granite Falls should be proud of itself.

Despite Ms. Halls' claims, litter and language are not any worse here than in any other city. Nor are they responsible for a lack of tourism or for businesses that are unable to survive this economic downturn.

On the contrary, I saw this town step up and confront one of the hardest issues every city has—drug abuse—in an effort to keep our kids and community safe. In doing so, our task force had the courage to weather the resulting negative publicity. This is certainly more important than a few four-letter words and some plastic on the streets.

Additionally, Superintendent Hall has failed to give the people of Granite the high marks they deserve for their support of education.

Since I began teaching here in 1988, the community has voted to build two new elementary schools and a new High School with state-of-the-art technology that is the envy of surrounding districts. They have also remodeled older buildings and built first-class sports facilities.

On top of this, voters consistently pass levies to keep schools in operation even during tough economic times. (Thank you, voters!)

I have seen Granite Falls grow from a rough-and-tumble logging town to a charming mountain community. Sure, there are problems. But if litter and language are the only things Ms. Hall wants cleaned up, I’d say we’re doing great!

Peggy Gabrio

Granite Falls

Keep Granite Falls trash free

Dear Editor,

I walk pretty regularly on Jordan Road (Quarry Road area.) My attention is not drawn to the beautiful mountains and lush greenery I so enjoy and love about Granite Falls, and there are many other reasons to be a proud resident!

With great disheartening insult to all of my senses, I see how some people with very nasty habits aim to destroy our serene, scenic home.

A wonderful caring citizen even put a can on the fence for garbage. What happened with that? What part of "Do not litter" do you not understand? Maybe a $500 littering ticket would do the lesson justice.

Rhonda Haley

Granite Falls

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