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Lake Stevens Eurasian Milfoil treatment – Year 2


April 3, 2012

In March the Lake Stevens’ City Council approved a contract amendment with AquaTechnex to develop the follow up treatment plan for addressing the lake’s Eurasian Milfoil. The work will include a survey of the entire shoreline area, mapping where milfoil is found, and the development of the next phase treatment plan.

The treatment plan is expected to be implemented during July/August and would be performed with spot application as a follow-up to last year’s treating of the entire shoreline.

The treatment began in 2011with a goal to eliminate the invasive lake weed known as Eurasian Milfoil from Lake Stevens. It began with a study in early spring 2011 which found milfoil along nearly the entire shoreline. The application selected for the treatment was a herbicide known as Triclopyr.

This is a chemical that is frequently used in lawn weed and feed and considered safe for fish and other lake vegetation. The results of the 2011 treatment were higher than originally estimated delivering well over 95 percent control of the milfoil present in the lake on an acre basis. In very few places on the lake, milfoil plants were found to still have some life to them.

It is probable that there are Eurasian Milfoil plants remaining in Lake Stevens in isolated areas. If left unchecked, this noxious weed can recover over the next few years and come back to the point that it is problematic. This survey work will identify the areas of milfoil and allow for the City to perform treatment this summer where needed.

If you spot milfoil growth in the lake you can help by reporting this directly to AquaTechnex by email to

The goal is to totally eliminate the Eurasian Milfoil from the lake. It is hoped that through public education and care by the users of the lake, this can be accomplished within a few years. The City asks the public’s participation in the elimination of the Eurasian Milfoil by inspecting their boats, trailers and other water vehicles and removing any plants that may have hitched a ride. Allied Waste has provided a receptacle for the aquatic plants at the public boat launch. The public is asked to dispose of all aquatic plants in the receptacle.


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