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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Special ceremony at Relay for Life, Cancer patient renewing vows with bride of 16 years


April 3, 2012

Adam and Julie Bogart.

Adam Bogart, 37, of Mukilteo, was diagnosed with colon cancer on October 26, 2010, a diagnoses that was missed for three years because of his age. His bride of 14 years was devastated and was told to go home and tell their four children that their dad had cancer.

Julie, Adam’s wife described it best in the essay she submitted to Relay for Life of Lake Stevens in her hope to be chosen as the lucky couple who would be given a wedding at Relay for Life on May 19-20.

“To have cancer come into your life is like having another dancer.... waltz in and try and take the lead from you. That is the best way I know how to explain it. You feel violated, you have no idea why it had chosen your life, your marriage, your happily ever after,” Julie wrote. “Within minutes, the nurses that thought we were normal ER patients, looked at me with such sadness I wanted to scream. They put tubes down Adam’s nose while I went out to call my mom. He ripped those tubes out, got dressed and came to find ‘his bride’ to make sure I was O.K.”

Since that day Adam has had five separate operations, 50 days in the hospital and 17 months of chemotherapy, all in an effort to extend his life.

“The doctors say he has a 25 percent chance to make it a couple of years,” Julie said.

The cancer has now metastisized to his liver.

Kim Demary, Relay for Life of Lake Stevens’ Event Chair was thrilled to be able to call Julie and tell her that she and Adam had been chosen to renew their vows at this year’s Lake Stevens Relay which will be held only six days before the Bogart’s 16th wedding anniversary which is on May 25.

Needless to say, Julie was thrilled with the phone call.

“Oh my gosh! That’s so exciting,” Julie screamed. “That is so awesome. The other night on Facebook I asked him to marry me and I found a ring on Amazon and bought it with a gift certificate someone gave us for Christmas.”

Julie had been preparing for their anniversary and now they get to enjoy a renewal ceremony with flowers, cake and hundreds of guests, all donated by sponsors of Relay for Life.

“I can see nothing more fitting to our fairy tale then being able to show each and every patient, survivor, spouse and child that love is forever. Cancer can’t stop the devotion you pledged,” Julie said. “My husband is a walking miracle, a survivor and one who should waltz down the aisle and tell cancer, ‘excuse me, I’m cutting in because this is my bride and our fairy tale ending. Your narration has been stopped by hope!’

Adam continues to work full-time at Boeing while undergoing treatment and comes home and works out every night and continues to support his kids in all of their activities.

“They want to ensure that their children’s lives remain consistent and stable while Adam is in treatment,” Demary said.

This will be a special event for everyone who participates in Relay for Life of Lake Stevens this year and especially for the Bogart family.

“You pretty much just have to show up. Almost everything is taken care of,” Demary told the Bogarts who are anxiously awaiting their special day.


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