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YOUR|LETTERS April 4th, 2012


April 3, 2012

Dear Editor,

Good editorial on the legislature Pam!

I couldn’t agree with you more and have encouraged our legislators to do what you have suggested—clean up the bills we already have and getting rid of outdated ones before creating new ones.

I especially agree that they should cut their own salaries and pensions as a part of budget restructuring. I don’t believe there would be a need for all the special sessions.

Janice Stepp

Lake Stevens

Remembering LSHS teacher Jim Talley

Dear Editor,

To say I was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Jim Talley would be an understatement.

As the mother of two students who greatly benefited from his unconditional dedication, wisdom, and teaching style, knowing they would also be affected by the news opened a flood of memories about late night study cram sessions and hand-wringing over AP exams, but also the recollection of just how much he impressed to all the students under his wing, the absolute need to always strive for the highest reaches one can achieve.

While this moment in time will be difficult for many of Mr. Talley’s current and former students, I can think of no greater show of respect to his memory than for all of them to put their best foot forward and give the very best of themselves to every effort.

May he rest in peace.

Carol Brister

Lake Stevens

Thanks to Frontier Village Vet Clinic

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share the amazing lifesaving story of my best friend, Otto. He is a 5-year-old German Shepherd and the best friend a boy could have. This week while playing catch with my mom, the ball got stuck in his throat when he caught it on the fly. He is a champion ball and frisbee catcher but this was not his lucky day.

He was having difficulty breathing and my mom and dad couldn’t retrieve the ball. While my dad loaded him in the car my mom quickly called Frontier Village Veterinary Clinic to make sure they were open. Luckily, they were open late that day and they took down Otto’s information. They were aware he would arrive in minutes and prepared their staff for this emergency.

When we arrived moments later they met us in the lobby and quickly escorted Otto to the back. They were able to remove the ball and save my dog’s life! Thanks to their quick action and preparedness he is alive and well today. The staff went above and beyond, keeping us informed of his condition. They even brought Otto a blanket to lay on when we were able to see him. One staff member even offered to help get him safely into the car since he was still a little sleepy from the medicine.

Every team member from the receptionist to the veterinarian was so friendly and caring. They genuinely cared for my fury friend and our well being too. I can’t thank them enough for what they did. I’m only 13 months old and need my best friend to grow up with. Thank you to everyone who helped save Otto, the ball catching German Shepherd, on March 21, 2012.

Kyle Tappan, 13 months old

Lake Stevens


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