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Washington State Democrats Overwhelmingly Choose President Barack Obama as Presidential Nominee


April 16, 2012

Washington State -- Democrats in Washington State caucused in support of the re-election of President Barack Obama at locations across Washington on Sunday. President Obama garnered 98 percent of the vote.

Washington Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz released the following statement with today's caucus results:

“Today's caucuses provided Washingtonians another opportunity to engage with supporters and reaffirm their support for the positive direction the President is moving the country.

“President Obama has spent his first term in office working for quality, affordable health care for all Americans, advancing more policies for the LGBT community than any other president, showing a commitment to women’s health care and economic rights from day one, and cracking down on Wall Street banks to level the playing field for middle class working families."

“Outside groups are going to spend millions to try to distort President Obama’s accomplishments while his Republican opponent, Gov. Mitt Romney, wants to turn back the clock to the same policies that led us into the worst recession since the Great Depression. It’s “Romney vs. Reality” as he attacks the president's record while running from his own."

Democrats tonight also selected the first round of delegates in the process that will eventually send 121 delegates and nine alternatives to the Charlotte.


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